Bryan Anthony Smith - Owner


Feel free to bring what ever you would like to drink or munch on. Some folks bring wine, others a bring snack for themselves, and others may bring a dish that they want to share such as a cheese spread, or an artichoke dip. It's entirely up to you what you would like to bring.

Provided for you will be tables, chairs, canvases, paint, easels, craft paper, aprons, water cups and mini-sized cup cakes... always good to have the blood sugar up before you begin to craft your masterpiece!  :-) Ok. Fine. Maybe that's just an excuse to eat a cup cake - but at least it's a good one!

​The BYOB component of the studio means Bring Your Own Beverage - this beverage can be anything you'd like, coffee, tea, water, juice or an alcoholic beverage. Many folks bring wine, but it's entirely up to you what you would like to drink.  

Once settled in, you'll find your seat at the studio along with a set of paints and brushes that have been set out just for you.

Soon after, the music will come down a couple of notches and the artist will get you started in creating your painting.

No Experience Is Needed! We emphasize this and encourage people with zero painting experience to come.

Our goal is to help take off the edge allowing you to relax and explore your inner artist. Even if you think you have "no inner artist" give it a try! You'll be surprised at how relaxing and therapeutic mixing colors and spreading them on a blank canvas can be.

We've carefully chosen paintings that a beginner can get through - and the artists will assist you step by step the whole way through.

You'll be surprised at how much fun this is. You'll have a great time and make great memories!

Tipsy da Vinci's mission is to create a fun, relaxed, and entertaining atmosphere where folks meet up and have a good time. It's designed for people with no painting experience;  and its goal is to break down the intimidating barriers that can hinder creativity. There's no such thing as bad art. Everyone can mix colors and spread them on a canvas, and people are often surprised at just how well they do.  All of our guests have a good time. They make great memories and they leave with an original piece of art they created.

Paint and Wine BYOB Studio Serving Atlanta, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, and Cumming.